Winner of the 50/50 Draw Aug, 2017

FYI, the winner of the 50/50 draw is Dave Byers at #371 who took home $2060.00!

Aug 4-5, 2017 50/50 Tickets reminder

Hi everyone,
The 50/50 tickets, whether sold or unsold, are due to  be returned to Terry and Diane Fus no later than Friday, August 4th. If  you would like to drop them off during the week, I (Shaelene, #221) will be at the cottage all week. Any unsold tickets will be sold at the chili/corn party on Saturday, Aug 5th. 
thank you 

August 5th Corn Roast + 50/50

Hi everyone,
Dave and Jan have again offered up their great cottage for a corn roast and chili night. They are conveniently located right in the middle of Siddon Lake Place at #213 and the party will start at 8 pm. Last year's party was a great success, raising $2000 for the road. More importantly, it was another opportunity for everyone on our road to get together and get to know each other better.

2017/2018 Road Fees + 50/50 Draw

Hello everyone, we just wanted to let everyone know that the 50/50 tickets are now available. They can be picked up at Terry and Diane's (#353) or at Shaelene's (#221). This has been an excellent fundraiser for us during the past 2 years, with over $2000 going to the winner.

May 20th, 2017 Minutes - Fees Due

Hi Everyone,

Please check your email as I have sent through the minutes for the road meeting.

Information on road maintenance, road fees, etc... are included in that email.

Fees are due and are payable by cheque and/or e-transfer. Details are also in the email.

If you have been missed and/or have changed your email, please contact us.


Siddon Lake Place
Road Association

Road Fees Tracker and Financial Statement

Just a note to everyone that Shaelene had sent an email with information... If you did not receive this or have updated your email, please contact us.

Hello everyone, please see the message below from the road committee. You will find the financial statement attached, as well as an excel sheet tracking the road fees paid. I should have gotten this out to everyone earlier, and promise to do so in future :). The road committee did an excellent job this year and we appreciate all their (unpaid) hard work. We had the best year ever for participation, and look forward to even better years ahead. Take care, and see everyone soon.


Silent Lake HIKE

Hi everyone!

Facebook Page Created

Hello Everyone,

We now have a Facebook page for the residents and cottagers on our road. To see the Facebook page, please go to Feel free to post pictures and information for all of us to see, thank you. If anyone has pictures of the party last weekend, please post.


Aug 27th Funraising Recap - HUGE SUCCESS!

Hello everyone, a quick note to let everyone know that the wine run and corn roast on Saturday was a huge success! We raised $1010.00, all going to the road maintenance fund. Thank you to everyone who participated, especially, to the fundraising committee of Cathy, Monique, Nancy and Kim, and also to Dave and Jan for hosting the party. We are hoping to set up a facebook page so that everyone can post pictures of the party, as well as any information that might be helpful to everyone (for example, information on fire bans etc).

Fundraising Event - Aug 27th, 2016


We have a road fund raising event that is happening on Aug. 27th 2016....


Road Fundraising committee 

All the details were sent to most via email, including the Corn Roast taking place at night.

If you need more information,  please use the contact page.


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